Bord Bia's Brexit barometer 2018

The decision by the UK to exit the EU continues to represent a significant challenge to Ireland’s agriculture industry. In the two years since the Brexit referendum, despite the uncertain landscape for Irish exports to the UK, it remains our most important trading partner. Since the vote by the UK to leave the EU, Bord Bia has been playing a key role in monitoring and assisting Irish food, drink and horticulture companies to assess and prepare for the challenges ahead, implementing the Brexit Barometer in 2017.

In 2018, senior management from 117 Irish food, beverage and horticulture companies undertook the Brexit Barometer 2018 update, with the results depicting how prepared the sector is for Brexit, benchmarking against the following key risks: UK customer relationships, supply chain, customs and tariffs, financial resilience, market diversification, and emerging risks.

As talks continue between the EU and the UK, companies need to be monitoring emerging risks and the possible impacts of these on their businesses.

Bord Bia is providing practical supports to client companies including hosting FREE customs and tariffs training, and supply chain workshops in autumn 2018 and early 2019. Log on to brexit for further information on upcoming events, press releases and market reports. The Brexit Barometer 2018 findings are available from