Only registered exporters may apply for phytosanitary certification of consignments of plant and plant produce to the UK. DAFM requires a minimum of 14 days notice prior to export to enable inspectors to arrange an inspection and allow for any laboratory testing that may be required to be completed.

  • Full details of procedures to follow shortly.

Please carefully note the following when exporting or otherwise risk delays or entry refusal at the UK border:

  • The UK government has stated that they require a pre-notification period of 3 days in advance of the arrival of the consignment on to UK territory. Please factor this in when applying to export your consignment.
  • Written confirmation will be required from the UK NPPO (National Plant Protection Organisation) confirming their import requirements for the consignment. Contact details for the UK’s NPPOs can be found here.
  • All wood packaging material and dunnage must be stamped with the ISPM 15 mark. Please refer to the Wood Packaging Material section on the page for detailed information.