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The €2,050,000 ‘Mushrooms Complement Everything’ campaign over three years commenced in April. It runs in the UK and Ireland, and is very heavily based on recipe videos, digital advertising, and social media. It is aimed at young women in the 25-45 year old bracket. The activity highlighted the impact of video recipes, with over 413,000 views on organic social media, and 723,000 views on pay per click. After the initial burst of activity, the industry group got together and made plans for the remainder of the campaign. It was felt that while the results achieved were excellent, to give the campaign more longevity it was necessary to create a concept with a higher engagement. Flexitarianism is a rising food trend where a variety of meals are eaten, and meat consumption is reduced – not cutting meat out of the diet but simply eating less. While the name may not be well known the trends are there to see and it is clear that the taste and health credentials of mushrooms make them ideal to take advantage of the trend. After an intensive creative process, consumer focus groups were used to select the most compelling concept, ‘Bring on the Blend’. The aim of this concept is to show how easily chopped mushrooms can be blended with minced meat, to enhance the health and flavour of the meal, while at the same time reducing the cost. The campaign commenced in October, with a range of new videos and recipes, and early results are promising. ✽