This garden reflects the partnership between Cheshire Ireland, an organisation that supports adults with physical and neurological conditions, and the people who use the services.

Leonard Cheshire, a Victoria Cross decorated RAF Officer in WW2, founded Cheshire in 1948. A pioneer in healthcare for adults with disabilities, he opened the first service in Ireland in 1961 in Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow. His legacy lives on in over 50 countries around the world.

Birch trees, a pioneer forest species, represent the influence of Leonard Cheshire’s work ethos and the continuation of that work in Ireland today. The willow wattle, willow nest and Irish woodland signify the support the organisation gives to people in making positive choices around where they live. This combined with the sculpture of a figure facing forward indicates balance, growth, learning and harmony. They are a tribute to the people living in Cheshire Ireland Services who use the challenges they face in life to grow and move forward.


Ruaidhrí Bashford is an artist, designer, educator and plantsman from Co. Wicklow.

A graduate of the School of Horticulture at the National Botanic Gardens, he has created and developed numerous gardens across Dublin and Wicklow. Fostering a naturalistic style, inspired by native and natural plantings, he combines a keen artistic eye with his specialist plant knowledge to create tranquil, harmonious outdoor spaces.

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