Building on the success of the 2018 campaign, in 2019 GroMór will continue to grow the market for gardening in Ireland. The main target audience is mature gardeners, but the aim is also to engage with 25-35-year-olds, and 35-50-year-olds to help the long term growth of the market. The GroMór ambassador for 2019 will be Bord Bia’s Gary Graham, well known to the public through Bloom and Supergarden.

What’s new for 2019? There will be a big emphasis on video, with ‘how to’ tips generated by garden centres, nurseries and partners, to distribute to the nearly 20,000 likes on Facebook, with a focus on getting people into garden centres and buying Irish plants. There will be opportunities for pop up nursery stands in garden centres in the two main months of activity, April and June. The focus is on local – PR tips for garden centres and nurseries, and engaging with local press and radio stations to get a good buzz going around the campaign.

There will also be an initiative to create a link between the high traffic Bloom website and the GroMór website. There will be simple GroMór gardening advice and links back to the GroMór site for more advice and details about the campaign.

Participation by nurseries in this year’s campaign has the additional benefit of supporting the other gardening promotions that Bord Bia is running. Bord Bia has substantially increased the funding for plants in the new season of Supergarden, ensuring that plants will be the focus of the gardens, as well as drawing attention to the Quality Mark on plants. There is also a further investment in the plant village at Bloom, which has been re-christened the Quality Mark Plant Village and will also be promoting GroMór. Don’t be left out, get in touch and get involved.